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With the Help of Distasteful Raisins, John Oliver Compares Clinton’s and Trump’s Scandals

After a month away, John Oliver is back and he’s ready to return to what he does best: exposing hypocrisy and making us laugh, even if we are feeling worse about the state of all things. During Last Week Tonight,  Oliver took on both major-party candidates and their respective scandals. The focus was mainly on Clinton’s and Trump’s charitable foundations, which both have their share of shady business dealings. But while the Clinton Foundation looks questionable in certain lights, Trump’s, in Oliver’s opinion, is guilty of such immoral practices that he can only describe one as “on the spectrum of shittiest things you could do, that’s right up there with catfishing a baby owl.” Watch the clip above, but fair warning, raisin apologists: Oliver is not a fan of dried grapes.

John Oliver Compares Clinton & Trump Scandals