Julia Roberts Is Starring in a Biopic About a Mom Framed for Drug Crimes, So You Can Add That to Your List of Ambient Fears

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you’re a true-crime buff or otherwise obsessed with the most horrifying stories the internet has to offer, you’ve probably already read Christopher Goffard’s six-part Los Angeles Times series on the strange case of Kelli Peters, a mother of an elementary-aged daughter who was framed for drug possession by the parents of another student. Now, Julia Roberts will produce and star in the film Framed based on Peters’s book “I’ll Get You!” Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom. Penned by Peters and co-writer Sam Rule, I’ll Get You recounts the crime committed by Kent and Jill Easter, which was the culmination of their campaign to ruin Peters’s reputation as PTA president in their Irvine, California, school district. So, yes, a bizarre and horrifying catastrophe could blindside you at any moment, but on the other hand, Julia Roberts might win an Oscar playing you in the movie. It’s just the universe’s way of balancing everything out.

Julia Roberts to Star in True-Crime Film Framed