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Kaley Cuoco Says Another Season of The Big Bang Theory Would Be ‘a Very Expensive Question,’ Mostly for the People Paying Kaley Cuoco

What are you doing to fund Kaley Cuoco’s horse hobby? Heading into The Big Bang Theory’s tenth season, the actress earns an estimated $1 million per episode of the show. While it’s been reported that she and the rest of the cast would happily sign on for an 11th season, as she pointed out to Jimmy Kimmel, whether that season is green-lit is a “very expensive question.” So maybe it’s all one big negotiating tactic, but Cuoco seems ready to move on from playing Penny, a role that took her from “hot to, like, 30” and stop dealing with all the hair. Yes, hair. Penny has had a lot of different kinds of hair over the last ten seasons, and if you want Cuoco to slap on a new style, you’re going to have to cough up the big bucks. CBS wig department, take notes.

Kaley Cuoco: More BBT Is an ‘Expensive’ Question