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Watch Kendrick Lamar Adorably Scold Lil Wayne for Wanting to Retire

It’s never easy letting your heroes go, especially when you once made an entire tribute mixtape to said hero. And no one’s feeling that gaping hole in their heart right now more than Kendrick Lamar over the likelihood that Lil Wayne will retire. Since Wayne tweeted about feeling defeated in the midst of an endless war with his label, several artists have offered their own pep talks in hopes that he’ll keep on fighting. It’s all very sweet, but likely ineffective. If you really want to get in Wayne’s head, personify the clapping hands emoji and scream some sense into him! Or at least that’s Kendrick’s approach, as seen in a precious video recorded in the wee hours at the studio. He calls it a “PSA” to stop Wayne from retiring (“no, n*gga, NO!”), but really, it’s the cutest Lil Wayne appreciation. Think you’re Wayne’s biggest fan? Well, Kendrick can rap songs from Wayne’s teen years verbatim and in perfect Weezy voice all while drunk, so get in line.

Kendrick Lamar Is Mad Lil Wayne Wants to Retire