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Last Man on Earth Staged a Bloody Mad Men Reunion

We always knew Betty Francis was good with a gun. Jon Hamm’s campaign to make a cameo in every TV show known to man reached a new high point Sunday night, when he arrived on Last Man on Earth and was (spoiler alert, if you haven’t already watched the above video) summarily shot in the chest by his TV ex-wife January Jones. Talking to TVLine, Will Forte swore that he wasn’t intentionally planning a Mad Men tie-in with the episode, though Jones admitted that she “died laughing” when she heard about the cameo. “I thought it was ingenious given our history together,” she said. Too bad the show didn’t have her shoot the gun again, shouting, “And that’s for Midge, and Rachel, and Bobbie, and Suzanne, and Megan, and Dr. Faye!”

LMoE Staged a Bloody Man Men Reunion