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Heather Gabel, Ex-Wife of Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, Slams Rolling Stone Magazine for Recent Profile of the Musician

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Heather Gabel, the ex-wife of Against Me! front woman Laura Jane Grace, is taking serious issue with a recent Rolling Stone article profiling the musician and trans activist. According to a Facebook post written by Gabel, the article misrepresents the reasons she and Grace separated in 2014 — which eventually led to a divorce — and contains information that stood in direct contrast to what Gabel told the author, Alex Morris, in a conversation she says the two had while fact-checking the story.

Gabel says she wrote the Facebook post after allegedly sending a letter with her grievances to Rolling Stone, the publication through which Grace first came out publicly in 2012, and receiving no reply. In that original letter, which is included on her Facebook page, Gabel says, “After talking to Alex Morris for an hour, after having to preface my replies to nearly every question she asked me with the explanation that Laura’s coming out/transition was NOT the reason we separated, I very plainly told her why we broke up: we had grown apart. We were living separate lives.” She added, “The quotes she chose to use from me have been taken so far out of context that they are being used to support the complete opposite sentiment of my replies. Why? What’s the point? Did she run out of time? Did the truths she left out simply not fit into her preconceived idea of the story? Is she simply more interested in appeasing her readers with a happy ending? Alex Morris had the chance to write about something real, something timely, something important to a lot of people and instead she chose to focus on some romance novel teaser bullshit.”

Laura Jane Grace’s Ex-Wife Slams New Profile