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Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Weird Al Yankovic to Sing ‘Yoda,’ Achieving the Much-Sought-After Nerd Holy Trinity

Don’t worry if you didn’t attend a house of nerd worship this weekend, because the universe has conspired to deliver unto you a nerd experience of transcendental proportions. Weird Al superfan Lin-Manuel Miranda popped in during Yankovic’s Radio City Music Hall concert last night, singing the chorus to the Kinks’ “Lola” parody “Yoda.” Determining that the “Yoda” rendition he saw in ninth grade was the best moment of his life, Miranda declared last night’s concert “a VERY close second.” While you might have learned the Weird Al versions of every ’80s pop song first, now your children can hear the creator of Hamilton singing Star Wars–themed Weird Al before he or she ever hears another human voice. Really, the only way to infuse this news with more nerdery is if there was some way to somehow incorporate Harry Potter into the and, oh, there we go:

Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Weird Al in Concert