emmys 2016

Maggie Smith Issues Statement Graciously Accepting the Emmy She Didn’t Bother Showing Up to Collect

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel’s simmering resentment toward Dame Maggie Smith — who has been nominated for nine Emmys, won four, and never bothered to attend a ceremony — came to a boil when he attempted to launch a full-on revolution against her inevitable Emmy win in his opening monologue, declaring that any actor not at the ceremony should have to forfeit their award. Later, when Smith, who was not present, inevitably did win an Emmy for Downton Abbey, he decided to take her Emmy to the “lost and found.” Now, Smith has decided she’d rather like to get her Emmy, maybe because it would help hold up an odd piece of furniture she has lying around the house. “I was very astonished and pleased to win the award,” Smith said in a statement via Masterpiece PBS. “I feel the Emmys have been overly generous to me. If Mr. Kimmel could please direct me to the lost and found office I will try and be on the next flight. Love, Old Maggie.” Smith added that she would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that she has never asked to be a part of since her first nomination in 1993.

Maggie Smith Would Like to Pick Up Her Emmy