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Matthew Weiner’s Debut Novel Is Coming Soon, and Unlike Mad Men Promos, We Actually Have Information About It

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No Dave Algonquin here. Little, Brown, and Company has announced that they have acquired Matthew Weiner’s debut novel, Heather, the Totality, which is set for publication for the fall of 2017. The Mad Men creator’s literary outing is described as a “dark fable set in contemporary Manhattan” that follows “three people from two worlds who are on a collision course in pursuit of a beautiful child.” In an interview with the New York Times, Weiner said he got the idea after overhearing an unsettling conversation between a teenage girl and her companion on the Upper East Side. “You don’t know if an idea is going to be a TV show or a movie or a play or prose or a poem or a stupid note you write in your notebook and forget about,” he explained. “It was a little story where I was like, I wonder what that is, maybe I’ll use it some time.” So, no, this won’t also be known as Peggy Olson’s Granddaughter: The Golden Years.

Matthew Weiner’s Debut Novel Is Coming Soon