M.I.A. Releases Her Maybe-Last Album, AIM

Photo: Twitter

M.I.A.’s latest — and possibly last — album is here. The singer dropped AIM, her fifth studio effort, on Thursday night. Among the tracks on the album are the previously released “Go Off” featuring Skrillex, “Freedun” with Zayn Malik, and “Bird Song,” her collaboration with Diplo, the ex-producer and ex-boyfriend with whom she shares a long and tangled history. In the lead-up to AIM’s release, M.I.A. has suggested that the album will be the final one she makes, so, even though the Diplo drama just goes to show that M.I.A. has never been wedded to her word, you’d still best enjoy M.I.A.’s full-album efforts while you definitely can. Go forth and give AIM a listen here.

M.I.A. Releases What May Be Her Last Album