Michael C. Hall’s Performance of ‘Lazarus’ at the Mercury Prize Ceremony Will Make You Yearn for David Bowie — You Know, in the Good Way

Michael C. Hall has been singing David Bowie songs for almost a year, thanks to the Bowie-penned musical Lazarus, so it’d be pretty concerning if he wasnt super good at channeling Bowie by now. Even so! Michael C. Hall is really quite something at singing David Bowie songs, and it’s worth mentioning. Hall proved it again during the Mercury Prize ceremony, where he kept his Lazarus muscles loose between starring in the show in New York before Bowie’s death and taking the musical to London next month. He sang “Lazarus” and sounded a lot like Bowie singing “Lazarus,” which is to say, very good.

Michael C. Hall Performs ‘Lazarus’