The Minnesota Vikings Had a ‘Purple Rain’ Sing-along for Prince at Halftime

The Minnesota Vikings never meant to cause you any sorrow or pain, but they just couldn’t hold a home opener in the team’s new stadium without paying respect to Prince. How do you do justice to the man who gave one of the Super Bowl’s all-time greatest halftime shows? With a personalized version of one of his most famous songs, in front of his entire city, that’s how. The Minnesota Orchestra — joined by members of Prince’s band, the New Power Generation, and gospel group the Steeles — honored Prince with a halftime sing-along to “Purple Rain.” The stadium was lit in purple while his silhouette from that very same Super Bowl was displayed on the field. As if that wasn’t enough to invoke the spirit of His Purpleness, the stadium’s first official touchdown happened on a pass from the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson. Eerie! But not to worry — of course, the Vikings won.

Minnesota Vikings Honored Prince at Halftime