Mister Sinister Will Be Wolverine 3’s Villain

Sinister’s foe. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Post-credits sequences are an integral part of modern superhero filmmaking, but they can get a wee bit tricky when you’re dealing with a franchise that has no fewer than three distinct narrative tracks. Such is the case with Fox’s X Men empire, which currently includes the ongoing adventures of the X-Men (who will be in the 1990s when they next show up at the cineplex), the high jinks of nutty ol’ Deadpool (who’s cruising to a sequel), and the solo tribulations of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. So when this summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse concluded with a little tease about a longtime X-comics baddie known as Mister Sinister, a question arose: Where, exactly, would we see him?

Thanks to the magic of commentary tracks, we have an answer! The sly folks at Cinema Blend watched the home-video edition of Apocalypse and caught director Bryan Singer and producer Simon Kinberg musing that the scene was designed to warm us up for next year’s third and as-yet-unnamed Wolverine solo flick, directed by James Mangold. We know precious little about the movie, other than that it’s a bit of a buddy/road-trip picture featuring Wolvie and Professor Xavier and that it’s set in the future. We also don’t know much about the cast, but given that eternally displeased Brit Richard E. Grant is allegedly playing a mad scientist and Sinister is both British and a mad scientist … what, do we have to draw you a picture?

Mister Sinister Will Be Wolverine 3 Villain