The Mystery Theme of AHS Season 6 May Be Solved

There have been 20 teasers released so far for season six of American Horror Story, and according to FX CEO John Landgraf, only some of them are representative of the anthology series’ next theme. The mystery was meant to extend until FX felt damn good and ready to unpack it, but a few media publications may have accidentally spoiled their fun this week. First, Rotten Tomatoes listed the new series as American Horror Story: The Mist before later removing the title detail, and now an old-fashioned print publication may have just confirmed that reveal. Entertainment Weekly found an image of the latest issue of TV Guide that also lists American Horror Story: The Mist in the fall TV schedule, and that name matches up with a promo released on August 12 called “The Mist.” While that title might seem cryptic, it could be taking inspiration from Stephen King’s 1980 story The Mist, about a town overtaken by a heavy fog populated by terrible creatures. After all, that does seem like a premise Murphy could have a lot of fun with, and that mid-August teaser pretty much shows us exactly that. No official confirmation has been given, but this scoop could very likely have been brought to you by a digital review aggregator and old media. Or it could all be a hoax. What a time.