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A Naked, Deranged Katy Perry Really Wants You to Vote

It doesn’t matter if you’re Porky Pigging it in a long T-shirt or clad only in the pennies that fall out of your jean pockets and stick to your naked body, it is your obligation to leave your bed on Tuesday, November 8, and vote in the presidential election. In a video for Funny or Dies Everybody Votes campaign, Katy Perry stresses that nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have to look presentable, or even wipe that ever-present green slime off your face, to cast your vote. Oh, the Constitution says a lot of other stuff presumably, but it almost certainly does not say that. You could check to make sure, but honestly, if you need to be reminded whether or not you have to wear clothes while voting, you almost certainly don’t have a copy of the Constitution lying around.

A Naked, Deranged Katy Perry Urges You to Vote