Nathan Fielder Stars in the New Web Series David, Which Is a Comedy and a Surreal Nightmare

There’s a fine line between alt-comedy and the feeling you experience during sleep paralysis. But only one of them has a guest appearance by Jenny Slate, so that’s a helpful way to tell them apart. Nathan Fielder stars in Dean Fleischer-Camp’s new web series David as an unemployed sad sack who learns from a psychic that he has a black stone growing in his heart. The stone, of course, means he only has five weeks to live. Based on the pilot episode, the show feels like the fairy tales we tell children to keep them from, say, playing with pitchforks or eating uncooked meat. All five episodes are currently online, and Fleischer-Camp’s ex-wife Jenny Slate guest stars in the third episode as David’s ex-wife. Slate previously appeared in Fleischer-Camp’s tonally similar series Catherine.

Nathan Fielder Stars in the New Web Series David