Netflix Will End Bloodline After Season 3, But the Rayburns Can Definitely Do a Lot More Damage Before Then

Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix Inc

Honestly, someone should have canceled the entire Rayburn family, oh, about 45 years ago. Unless the show introduces a time machine (note: please do this), the Floridian clan still has a whole season to wreak havoc on one another. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has informed Sony that Bloodline’s upcoming 2017 season will be its last. The move makes Bloodline only the third Netflix original canceled by the platform; Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove also bowed after three seasons. Netflix has also slashed Bloodline’s season order from 13 to ten episodes, but to be fair, those last three episodes were just various Rayburn family members’ bodies being pitched into the river one right after the other.

Netflix’s Bloodline to End After Season 3