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It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Family Ties Joined the Nostalgia-TV-to-Stage-Adaption Trend, and That Time Is Now

Cast Portrait From 'Family Ties
Photo: Fotos International/Getty Images

Because it is not enough for fans of bygone television to get their nostalgia kicks watching reruns like the days of yore, Family Ties joins the likes of Cheers, Happy Days, Full House, and The Addams Family before it for a stage adaptation. Playbill reports that the ‘80s sitcom will be adapted by playwright Daniel Goldstein for the Araca Group production company (Wicked, Book of Mormon). The series was perhaps most notable for giving us a young, tie-wearing, Richard Nixon–lunch–box–carrying Michael J. Fox in the role of Alex P. Keaton. As an homage to the show’s setting in an Ohio suburb, the play will debut at Dayton, Ohio, venue the Human Race Theatre Company, in June 2017. That gives Goldstein plenty of time to sharpen the Reagan-era political jokes that the whole family can enjoy.

Now Family Ties Is Getting a Stage Adaption