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The First Solo Single From One Direction’s Niall Horan Is Here

As if to say, “don’t you forget about me,” One Direction’s Niall Horan has gone and dropped his debut solo song on us. And by “us,” we mostly mean his former (???) bandmates, one of whom just so happens to be making his own solo debut on a magazine this week. Harry Styles tells Another Man that he’s been in the studio; well, so has Niall, and he’s got the acoustic balladry to prove it. You can even watch him sing his little heart out and strum the guitar on “This Town” live, all in one take, performed for the popular concert series. In black and white! And when it’s over, start bracing your emotions for the news that there’s more to come: Niall has announced that, not to be late to the party or anything, but he’s also signed a solo deal, with Capitol Records. Game on.

One Direction’s Niall Horan Drops Solo Song