let her be your star

Our New Miss America Is Still Carrying the Torch for NBC Musical Sensation Smash

Fade in on a girl, with a hunger for fame and a talent routine to remember. That girl is Savvy Shields, who entered the competition as Miss Arkansas, and is now, through the power vested in hosts Chris Harrison and Sage Steele, our new Miss America. During the competition, Shields wowed the judges with her poise, her winning smile, and her love of NBC’s critically panned though much-beloved two-season musical drama, Smash. Specifically, during the talent portion, Shields performed a very enthusiastic dance routine to “They Just Keep Moving the Line,” as performed by Megan Hilty. While Savvy kept her political beliefs close to her chest during the competition (“Both of the contestants have done a great job,” she said of presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Q&A segment), we believe this makes her officially Team Ivy.

Our New Miss America Is a Big Fan of Smash