Pablo Escobar’s Son Has 28 Problems With Narcos, and Pablo’s Favorite Soccer Team Is One

Sit there and think about what you’ve done.

You might think of Narcos as just another Netflix series to binge, or perhaps as drug-cartel dinner theater with Ken Burns narration, but for some, this tale of Pablo Escobar is immensely personal. Among them is Escobar’s son Sebastián Marroquín, who has written at length about his father, and took to Facebook recently to post a list of 28 “grave errors” in the show’s second season. Among those errors, Marroquín says that his uncle Carlos Henao was not a drug dealer and never lived in Miami, and insists that his paternal grandmother betrayed his father and was nothing like the “tierna” (sweet) character you see in the series. Of course, Marroquín is getting something out of his post, and he uses it to repeatedly link to his book about his father. Still, there are some errors that beg for corrections. For instance, in the series, Escobar supports the wrong soccer team. He was a fan of Independiente Medellín, not Atlético Nacional. Get it together, Netflix!

Pablo Escobar’s Son Has 28 Problems With Narcos