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Looking’s Russell Tovey Is Finally Moving On From Jonathan Groff in The Pass Trailer

If you are ever in a situation where it occurs to you, “Hmm, should I run to him/her?” and you don’t run to them, buddy, you are clinically a fool. Based on the film’s new trailer, Lionsgate’s The Pass is a study of what happens to your life when you fail to run to him even when you know you should, and how your failure to run to him can shape your entire future. Looking’s Russell Tovey and Arinze Kene star as two soccer players who unexpectedly share a kiss the night before their first big game, a kiss that echoes through the next ten years of their professional and personal lives and, oh God, just run to him already! Run now! Run as fast as your little soccer legs can carry you, before it’s too late!

The Pass Trailer: Kiss Him, You Absolute Fool!