Patton Oswalt Says His Life Is Like ‘Every Bad ’80s Sitcom’ on ‘Conan’

Here’s a great clip from Patton Oswalt’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where he talks with O’Brien about how he and his daughter are coping with the death of his wife and how his life has turned into “every bad ‘80s sitcom” since her passing. “Except my ‘80s sitcom sucks. There’s no punchlines, there’s a lot of insomnia, there’s a lot of me eating Cheetos for dinner, and I’m waiting for my daughter to turn to the camera and go ‘No wonder I’m in therapy!’ But that moment’s not going to come.” While Oswalt did a flawless job keeping his daughter occupied with fun activities the week of Mother’s Day, he tells O’Brien that the plan was ultimately ruined by a depressing, terrifying figure: “And now, every holiday that comes up – we got through the Fourth of July – but I’m terrified that the Polish Woman of Doom is just gonna loom up.”

Patton Oswalt Says His Life Is Like ‘Every Bad ’80s […]