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Comedian Pete Holmes Wants to Change Your Mind About the Horrors of Sitting in Traffic

If you’re human, traffic probably makes you feel like a rat in a cage, if the cage was somehow also a tiny car the rat had to drive to its little rat office job every day. Pete Holmes, however, has a radical new suggestion for how you can experience being trapped in your wheel-cage: What if slowly inching along, tapping the breaks and/or gas for hours, could be meditative? What if being stuck in traffic is actually the best, and perhaps only, time in your day when you know exactly what you should be doing? Does that idea make you feel less like the veins behind your eyes are going to explode? The bit is basically a mini-TED talk, which is coincidentally what you have to listen to in traffic so you don’t punch your fist through the windshield.

Pete Holmes Will Change Your Mind About Traffic