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The ‘Prima Donna’ Video by Vince Staples Is an Insane Journey Into the Mind

Would you like to experience a ten-minute hallucinatory dream with Vince Staples? Well, Vince Staples is happy to oblige that desire with his new music video/short film for “Prima Donna.” In it, the artist encounters a host of tribal dancers, gets taken to a kind of American Horror Story hotel by a phantom taxi driver, gets accosted by an aggressive bellhop, then lands face up in the middle of a leafy glade where he seems to visualize some kind of apocalypse — which all leads up to a very startling conclusion. There’s a lot going on within that basic outline, but that would ruin the fun of finding out what happens in this bad trip on your own. “Prima Donna” is a track from Staples’s new EP of the same name, which came out earlier this week.

The ‘Prima Donna’ Video by Vince Staples Is Nuts