Rachael Mason’s New Web Series Got Me Back on Board with Stoner Humor

Somewhere between Half Baked and The Internship, I got real tired of stoner humor. Ironically, because, in that interval, I went from not smoking weed to smoking weed. Just when I became an “insider,” I totally lost interest in the genre.

“Comedy that’s only funny when you’re in an altered mental state isn’t really – in actuality – funny,” I thought. In fact, when you’re sober most of the time, that shit is usually pretty unbearable. “So, why waste time with it at all?” Those times when I did get high, I shunned Seth Rogan and, instead, watched nature docs, or credits sequences that came to fascinate me when I’d forget to turn off the TV after a movie. “Who needs stoner comedy?” I wondered. “Not me!” I was better than all that. Well, today I think I’m starting to need it again.

I laughed harder than I have in a long time at Rachael Mason’s performance of a high woman looking for an apartment in the Pot Cookie episode of web series So, This is the Place (also written and directed by Mason). Never have I seen a more accurate portrayal of being off-the-wall, bonkers stoned. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. The joke is her highness, and it’s expertly delivered whether the viewer is baked or not.

Being familiar with the process of blazing definitely adds a layer of relatability though, dudes. If you don’t smoke, it’s cool. You’ll just have to, like, trust me.

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Rachael Mason’s New Web Series Got Me Back on Board […]