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Rob Lowe Is Every Undecided Voter Ever on Colbert

Flip-flopping happens a lot in politics, so you can understand why the average Joes of America might turn out to be just as fickle as certain candidates running for president. Surely Sam Seaborn would know by now who’s got his vote, but, even this late in the game, plenty are still on the fence. Take Rob Lowe, er, sorry, Ohio voter Charles Hansen, upon whom the future of America hinges. And after last night’s Celebrity Deathmatch, er, sorry, presidential debate, Hansen’s just a tangled rubber-band ball of conflicting thoughts. Not even Stephen Colbert’s extremely patient hand can guide him; dude’s a wreck. But not to worry, America: For this crucial decision, Hansen brought his trusty Magic 8-Ball! That’s right, everything’s fine. We’re all just fine. Absolutely no gun to head necessary. Carry on.

Rob Lowe Plays an Undecided Voter on Colbert