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Samantha Bee Blames NBC, SNL, and Jimmy Fallon for Normalizing Trump’s Behavior

Donald Trump might have finally backed off the birther movement as of last Friday, but Samantha Bee isn’t letting him off the hook anytime soon. In fact, she is adding more hooks and fishing for anyone who has helped normalize Trump’s constant stream of xenophobic and sexist commentary to mainstream voters. Served up first at that Long John Silver’s of shame is NBC, longtime home of The Celebrity Apprentice, SNL, and, of course, that infamous softball Trump interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “By ignoring that poop, NBC tacitly condoned a race-baiting demagogue,” Bee explains. Speaking of bait, Bee is going to need a whole dump truck filled with worms if she plans on catching and frying up everybody responsible for making Trump a viable candidate. Then if he gets elected, Bee can sell the truck and Trump can use it as his official motorcade. It’s a win-win!

Sam Bee Calls Out NBC and Jimmy Fallon on Trump