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Samantha Bee Has One Concern If Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump

TBS Night Out
Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for TBS

Samantha Bee, America’s favorite hilarious and incisive aunt, returned from a five-week hiatus last night to come for Matt Lauer and those baskets full of “deplorables.” And today she’s on the cover of Variety discussing how Full Frontal found a home on TBS and how seeing Donald Trump on TV triggers her PTSD from being treated like garbage by entitled patrons at the lobster house she waited tables at for years. She also talked a bit about what we can expect if America really does elect its first female president. “If Hillary Clinton is elected, the tsunami of misogyny that will emerge will overtake all of us,” says Bee. “You can see what happened when we had a black president, and you will see the same if she becomes the leader of this nation.” It’s unfortunate, but then again, there’s also the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, which Bee has an even more frightening assessment of: “I’m not sure we’ll have a world, so we’ll see.”

Sam Bee Has One Concern If Hillary Clinton Wins