Samantha Bee Slams ‘SNL’ and ‘Tonight Show’ for Nurturing Donald Trump’s Race-Baiting Campaign

Here’s a great clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee credits much of Donald Trump’s rise in the polls to entertainment giants like NBC, who she says “gladly nurtured” him before and after he started the birther controversy with President Obama and “tacitly condoned a race-baiting demagogue” by welcoming Trump on shows like Saturday Night Live and Tonight Show. “To their credit, NBC did sever ties with Trump after he called Mexicans rapists…if by ‘severing ties’ you mean inviting him on their flagship comedy programs to show millions of Americans what a fun guy he is,” Bee says. “Sure, he’s making life palpably dangerous for Muslims and immigrants but hey, he’s good at entertainment! You know, here’s a thought: When Holocaust survivors are telling you ‘Hey, this guy gives me déjà vu,’ maybe don’t invite him up into your house to play with your adorable children?”

Samantha Bee Slams ‘SNL’ and ‘Tonight Show’ for […]