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Scientology Predictably Not a Fan of the South Park Billboard Right Outside Its Headquarters

The South Park billboard in question. Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

South Park is celebrating its 20th anniversary by parking truck-based billboards outside real-world locations lampooned in the show, and some people are not pleased. Comedy Central’s marketing head Walter Levitt tells The Hollywood Reporter that representatives from the Scientology headquarters in Hollywood, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial have attempted to get the trucks to leave their respective areas. (The Scientology billboard featured a scene from the infamous “Trapped in the Closet” episode, while the White House one depicted Barack and Michelle Obama.) Levitt has the good manners not to pretend to be shocked, shocked about the complaints, admitting the marketing team “knew the billboards would be risky.” Other South Park billboards have been placed at the Canadian border, the headquarters of the Mormon church, and, less controversially, Casa Bonita.

Scientology Not a Fan of South Park Billboard