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Diddy Finds Excellent Excuse to Hold One of Those Funny Giant Checks, Pledges $1 Million to Howard University for the Sean Combs Scholarship Fund

Photo: Larry French/Getty Images for Live Nation

Saddled with student loans and sick of getting hit up by your alma mater for alumni donations? Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, is here to make you feel a whole lot worse about all of that. Combs has announced a pledge of $1 million to Howard University, and he didn’t even stick around to graduate from the place, leaving in 1990 after two years. The money is for the Sean Combs Scholarship Fund, which is to help with “anybody who can’t pay off their financial aid,” Combs announced at a concert on Thursday. Of course, what’s an announcement about a generous amount of money without a little showmanship? Watch Combs gift the university with one of those incredible, ATM-incompatible giant checks below.

Sean Combs Pledges $1 Mil to Howard University