New Legion Teaser: Dan Stevens Might Be the Sexiest, Most Powerful Mutant of All Time

FX’s new show Legion is part of the X-Men universe, but in ways no one has quite explained yet. As we know from the Comic-Con trailer, Dan Stevens has incredible psychic powers, and Aubrey Plaza is his cool Aubrey Plaza–like friend. (Will there be any Jerrys for her to taunt this time around?) Anyway, the two of them are up to no good in the latest teasers for the series, as they force a man stupid enough to gaze upon their majesty to fall into catatonia just for fun — while Stevens’ character might very well be the most powerful mutant the world has ever encountered. Neat! Fargo’s Noah Hawley is behind Legion, which will come to your TV in February of next year.

See Aubrey Plaza, Dan Stevens in Legion Teasers