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Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Are Literal Bros Looking for Their Father in Bastards Trailer

Just in time for the onslaught of Oscar bait, Ed Helms and Owen Wilson star as fraternal twins in Bastards, the tale of a long-lost, much-needed father. In the literal bro comedy, the twins’ mother (Glenn Close) reveals that she lied about their supposedly dead dad — oh, and she actually doesn’t know who the proud papa is. Since it’s, you know, Glenn Close, there aren’t exactly a dearth of candidates; the potential Maury contestants include a dude with rage issues played by J.K. Simmons and former NFL star Terry Bradshaw. And so the brothers go dad-searching, though you can bet they soul-search too, learning about life and love through ABBA. Bastards hits theaters January 27. Man, if Owen Wilson is this wigged out about a paternity surprise, just wait till he finds out about Luke.

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