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Seth Meyers Has a Few Things to Say About Trump’s and the Media’s Reactions to the New York–New Jersey Bombings

Just one night after delivering his tour de force against Trump’s birther lies, Seth Meyers is back for another “Closer Look.” While news outlets turn their attention to the man who planted bombs in New York and New Jersey, Meyers turned his attention to those reporting the news. Pointing to the coverage of the silly, unimportant details the 24-hour news outlets harped on while the story was still breaking, like the size of the dumpster in the Chelsea bombing, the Late Show host skewered the media for its sensationalizing methods. And while he praised Hillary Clinton’s response to the news, he compared the method of her Republican competitor to that of a loony, little, old grannie. Watch the segment above.

Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at NY-NJ Bombs