Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ at Last Night’s Presidential Debate

If you need help processing last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Seth Meyers returned with a live, post-debate edition of “A Closer Look” last night that recaps the whole event. Meyers covers everything from how much Clinton and Trump over/underprepared for the debate to how many lies Trump told to how the candidates responded to issues like Clinton’s email scandal, Trump starting the birther movement, and their temperament, plus Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway saying moderators shouldn’t be expected to fact-check during the debate. “Yeah, what are all these so-called journalists doing checkin’ facts?” Meyers says. “And another thing: How come firefighters are always walkin’ around spraying water on burning houses? People should decide for themselves if they want the houses to burn down!”

Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ at Last Night’s […]