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Seth Meyers Breaks Down How Trump Supporters Think He Performed in the Debate

On Monday night, Seth Meyers took a closer look at the debate just hours after it ended, and now he’s back for a second round of analysis. Before the debate even started, Meyers points out, there was clearly a double standard. Clinton couldn’t laugh, breathe, or speak too loudly, while Trump just needed to seem halfway decent. Based on these expectations set by Trump supporters, “all Trump had to do was be a normal person and he would have been declared the winner, and yet he still managed to lose.” Instead, he claimed that Clinton has been “fighting ISIS her entire adult life.” Luckily, someone actually got to fact-check this, and it turns out Clinton reached adulthood in 1965, while ISIS began to grow in 2013. But Trump is also worried about “cyber,” mostly because his son is 10 years old and very good with computers. However, he should probably start worrying about releasing his tax returns, or just have his son do it for him.

Seth Meyers Takes Closer Look at Debate Fallout