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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Hillary Clinton and Her ‘Basket of Deplorables’ Comment

On Tuesday, Seth Meyers examined the “uproar over Hillary Clinton’s claim that half of Trump supporters are motivated by racism or prejudice,” and are a “basket of deplorables.” However, when Clinton issued a statement, she only apologized for using the term half. “I’m sorry I said your parents are ugly,” Meyers joked. “I should have said your mom is ugly, your dad is all right.” Ultimately, Meyers ended “Closer Look” with some real talk: “Was Hillary making a lazy, sweeping generalization? Yes she was. But was there a core truth to what she said that we all need to grapple with? Yes.” Clinton should stay away from being “grossly generalistic” in the first place, but there’s no denying that Trump’s candidacy has still attracted support from white nationalists and their followers. Watch the video above.

Seth on Hillary Clinton & Basket of Deplorables