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Shailene Woodley Very Diplomatically Backs Away From the Divergent TV Movie

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Shailene Woodley may have an illustrious small-screen past dating back to her days as bratty Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C., but unlike many of her fellow movie stars (hello, Meryl!), Woodley’s not looking to recommit to TV. At least, that’s the explanation she’ll give if you question her about that big, honkin’ YA film franchise of hers that sputtered out and is ending its run as a TV movie. Asked if she’s on board for The Divergent Series: Ascendant given its demotion to the boob tube, Woodley joined co-star Miles Teller in his muted enthusiasm. She told Screen Rant: “Last I heard they were trying to make it into a television show. I didn’t sign up to be in a television show. Out of respect to the studio and everyone involved, they may have changed their mind and may be doing something different, but I’m not necessarily interested in doing a television show.” Hey, this wouldn’t be the first Divergent train Woodley jumps off, anyways.

Shailene Woodley Likely Won’t Do Divergent on TV