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Spotify Hits 40 Million Subscribers, Surpassing Apple Music Growth

Already the music subscription service with the most subscribers by far, Spotify took a victory lap today, announcing that its paid subscriber base has hit 40 million. Spotify’s founder and CEO Daniel Ek revealed the news, tweeting: “40 is the new 30. Million.” 40 is also more than double Apple Music’s 17 million subscribers. And although Apple Music is barely more than a year old, Spotify is also ahead in terms of growth. While Apple Music used to hold the unwieldy title of fastest-growing streaming service, it added 7 million subscribers in the past seven months, a growth rate that is outpaced by Spotify’s gain of 10 million new subscribers in six months. Hm, maybe Apple should reconsider buying Tidal, after all.

Spotify Hits 40 Million Subscribers