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John Slattery Lost a Role to Stephen Colbert 25 Years Ago, But It’s All Good, You Guys, He Still Ended Up on Mad Men

Gather ’round, young and old, for a tantalizing tale from famous people’s pasts. As it turns out, Stephen Colbert and John Slattery auditioned for the same dark-comedy television pilot 25 years ago, and Colbert unexpectedly swooped in and won the leading role despite Slattery’s god-level auditioning skills. The bad news: The show didn’t even get made. The good news: Slattery ended up portraying megababe Roger Sterling on a little show called Mad Men and he’s currently starring on Broadway! while Colbert is hosting a late-night program with a pretty storied history. Life, it ain’t so bad for these two.

Stephen Colbert Beat John Slattery for a Role