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Steve Harvey Meets His Doppelgänger on Family Feud, Because the World Can Always Use More Steve Harveys

Just when we were worried that we didn’t have enough Steve Harveys to go around, the universe gives us the greatest gift of all: a video of Steve Harvey meeting his doppelgänger. In a recently resurfaced clip, the Family Feud host met a man on the game show who looked eerily similar to him. The contestant, Olden Thornton, is a full-time pastor, and finally got the chance to step out from Harvey’s shadow. “I love what I do, but every single day of my life, people come up to me and call me Steve Harvey.” Harvey and Thornton shared an instant connection, but Harvey still felt inferior to his look-alike.  “I hate to say this, but I’m an honest guy: You’re actually a little better looking than I am.” Maybe Thornton will try to snag Harvey’s job, but hopefully they will just be the best of friends. Watch the video above.

Steve Harvey Meets Doppelgänger on Family Feud