Box Office: Sully Leaves Bridget Jones’s Baby and Blair Witch in Its Wake Like So Many Mangled Goose Feathers

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Just like the film’s titular real hero/human being, Sully has landed safely at the top of the weekend for the second week in a row, racking in $22 million and bringing the movie’s total box office to $70.5 million. Blair Witch and Bridget Jones’s Baby, however, both underperformed, pulling in $9.65 million and $8.24 million at the box office, respectively. Snowden, meanwhile, earned $8 million. (As you might recall, psychological thriller When the Bough Breaks opened last weekend at $15 million. Hmmm.) Despite several new film offerings, Deadline noted that this weekend reported the lowest ticket sales of 2016. Given the variety of options rejected by American audiences, there is one clear takeaway from this weekend’s box office: Studios need to start cranking out more movies about Sully Sullenberger. What has happened to him since the Miracle on the Hudson? Did any of those geese try to avenge their loved ones’ deaths? What does Sully use to moisturize his mustache, anyway?

Box Office: Sully Beats Bridget Jones’s Baby