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Synth Legends Tangerine Dream Compose Variations on the Score of Stranger Things

The band S U R V I V E was very clear about where they drew inspiration when composing the crazy-popular score for the show Stranger Things. “There’s a Tangerine Dream score for Sorcerer that’s great,” they told Rolling Stone. “I’ve rented that one a few times. The Keep. I think you can only get The Keep on VHS. They have a huge horror section, so a lot of times I’ll just get stuff if it’s got a Goblin or a Tangerine Dream score and just see what it sounds like.” The Tangerine Dream song “Exit” even plays at the end of episode six, and the whole sonic imprint of the show goes miles to make you feel like you’ve time-hopped back to the 1980s and aren’t just watching a show set in the decade. And now the influential German synthwave band has paid S U R V I V E a high compliment: They have composed various interpretations of songs from Stranger Things and posted them on SoundCloud. Listen below.

Tangerine Dream Covers the Stranger Things Score