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The Simpsons’ Season Premiere Made a Coincidental Arnold Palmer Joke on the Day He Died

The 28th season premiere of The Simpsons was written months ago, but in a coincidental twist, Sunday’s episode referenced in specific detail both the late, great golfer Arnold Palmer and the signature drink that bears his name. Last night’s episode found Homer turning Arnold Palmer into a verb by spraying Lenny with water guns containing both lemonade and iced tea. (Editor’s note: Not Lenny!) The Simpsons’ showrunner Al Jean took to Twitter to praise the golf legend and to explain that, as Palmer passed away Sunday, it was “too late” to remove the reference before the episode aired. While some might consider pulling the joke an appropriate response, we should all be so lucky to have a career so remarkable or a drink so delicious that The Simpsons gives us a posthumous shout-out.

The Simpsons Made an Eerie Arnold Palmer Joke