greetings from the windy city

T.J. Miller Cut Out the Middle Man and Terrorized His Own Morning Talk Show in Chicago

Chronic talk-show disrupter T.J. Miller has hit upon a genius idea. You can freak out on live television whenever you want as long as you’re the one actually hosting the show. Which is why the Silicon Valley star took his frantic wetness to the city’s famous Riverwalk for a segment within the morning show Windy City Live, called Talkin’ With T.J. Miller, who came up in Chicago’s stand-up scene, gave Illinoisans a healthy dose of porn-positive sex ed, deafening blow-dryer sounds, and powdered-sugar face slime with their coffee. If only his former law firm co-workers could see him now, which they probably did if they looked out their windows when they heard all that blow-dryer noise.

T.J. Miller Terrorizes His Own Morning Talk Show