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Stranger Things’ Barb Is Back and Would Like a Word, If You Don’t Mind, in ‘Deleted Scene’

When Stranger Things’ first season ended — spoiler alert — with nary a mention of Barb, many fans took up a rallying call, demanding justice for Barb (and the echo of the high-school self they saw in her). Well, ladies and gentlemen, put down your pitchforks — and pass them to Barb. In a Stranger Things “deleted scene” that aired on The Tonight Show, Barb returns from the Upside-Down to have a chat with Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven, all of whom put a whole lot of effort into finding Will (fake corpse much?), while promptly forgetting about dear ol’ Barbarella. Since they are just kids after all, let’s just say that Barb is back and would like to fudge these youngsters the fudge up. Oh, and Nancy? You can probably stop carrying your half of the BFF torch, because Barb is about done with you, mmmk?

Stranger Things’ Barb’s Back in Tonight Show Bit