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Watch the New Fences Trailer and Let Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Casually Turn You Into a Sniveling Wreck

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis saw that cute little awards campaign that the rest of Hollywood has going on, and they’re here to crash the party. Paramount just released a new trailer for the Washington-directed Fences, which is based on August Wilson’s stage play about a former baseball star turned trash collector. If the two leads’ quivering, tear-stained performances didn’t already convince you that this movie is awards-bound, know that Washington and Davis appeared together in Fences’s 2010 Broadway revival, and both won Tonys for their performances. So, yeah, get excited to see this when it comes out on Christmas, and then block off a few days to think about Viola Davis’s character and weep. Watch the new trailer above, with the original below.

Watch New Trailer for Denzel Washington’s Fences