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Trevor Noah Muses on Why Matt Lauer Failed at Challenging Trump When He’s So Good at Interviewing One Direction

Matt Lauer was — oh, what’s the right word? — lambasted for his performance at NBC News’ Commander-and-Chief Forum on Wednesday night, as he returned again and again to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal (and rushed questions on substantive issues) and asked Donald Trump roughly the same questions that a college interview might give to the son of the school’s biggest donor (So, tell us why you’d be a good fit? No need to rush). Now, you might take it for granted that Lauer isn’t a serious journalist, but Trevor Noah has a theory: Lauer really is a hard-hitting reporter, but only about boy bands. If, instead of presidential forums, Lauer hosted the One Direction equivalent of the Camp David Accords, Zayn would be back in the band in no time.

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