Trevor Noah Recaps Matt Lauer’s Disastrous ‘Commander-in-Chief Forum’ on ‘The Daily Show’

Since NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum aired earlier this week, Matt Lauer’s performance as moderator has been widely panned by critics and even called a “disaster” by NBC execs. During last night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah recapped the event and explained how Lauer dropped the ball by hogging up all of Hillary Clinton’s time with questions about her emails and not holding Trump accountable for the blatant lies in some of his responses. “Did you know during World War II, on multiple occasions kamikaze planes crashed into the Intrepid? And last night, Matt Lauer continued that tradition, because I don’t know what the fuck he was doing and neither did he.” Check out the full segment above.

Trevor Noah Recaps Matt Lauer’s Disastrous […]